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20 March 2014

“How To Reduce Unnecessary Readmissions? Bring Care To Residents” Article by Fairview Health Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 19, 2014

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13 March 2014

“Mobile X-Ray Company Aids in Convenience, Lowering Costs” Article by: JACKIE CROSBY, Star Tribune Newspaper, Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 8, 2014

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14 November 2012

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10 March 2012

Dr. Timothy V. Myers, M.D. (PPX Medical Director) has created a blog with a wide variety of interesting radiology cases, reference materials, links, articles and whitepapers in radiology. Click here to access his blog.

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“These days, it’s hard to find wonderful customer service, but PPX delivers it, all the way from the X-ray techs that come to the bedside, to their staff who answer the phones, their business office staff, to the owners of the company.They make us look good!”
- Director of Nursing, St. Paul, MN