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DispatchHealth Imaging, formerly Professional Portable X-Ray (PPX), is your number one provider of portable imaging services. We have been helping skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, in-home patients, and more for many years, providing essential imaging services to patients who may not transported easily.

At the heart of our company is a team of highly trained technologists and professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for our patients. Our team takes great pride in their work and is passionate about providing the highest quality imaging services to those in need. With their expertise and compassionate care, we are confident that our patients will feel at ease and receive the best possible results.

While we do have a new name, we want to assure our patients and clients that this name change will not affect the quality of our service. Our imaging company is still the same team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients. We are excited for the new chapter in our company's history and look forward to serving our patients with the same level of excellence for years to come.

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