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Professional Portable Radiologic Services, Inc.,also known as Professional Portable X-ray, Inc., (PPX), was incorporated in the State of Minnesota in December of 1989. PPX was founded by two local Radiologic Technologists. Service delivery began in early 1990 with the use of just one x-ray unit, the two owners and a single facility contract. 100 patients were served throughout the companies first year. PPX grew with the support from Physicians and providers serving the frail and aging population in the skilled nursing facilities along with the increased demand and use of on-site imaging with the development of the HMO’s in Minnesota. Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. (CRL) of Minneapolis became a partner in 1994. In 2002, Ms. Suzanne McNamee became the exclusive owner of PPX. In the early years, PPX provided portable imaging services primarily to nursing homes and other long term care facilities. In the mid 1990s, PPX began providing portable imaging services to correctional facilities. Today, PPX core services extend at large across the State of Minnesota. Our services include a full range of portable diagnostic imaging which includes: x-ray, ultrasound, doppler, ABI, EKG, echocardiogram and bone density testing.

In early 2005, PPX was the first portable x-ray company in the nation to convert to a complete direct digital imaging platform which enabled us to provide the highest quality imaging and greatly improved response times. On May 1, 2010 PPX acquired the portable x-ray division from DMS Imaging (An Ottertail Corporation). This gave us additional resources, expertise and capabilities to further enhance our delivery of service.

Gaute Sandberg, formerly the Director of Operations at DMS Imaging, who has now joined the PPX leadership team as the Executive Vice President, says: “This is exciting news for all facilities who have a need for bedside diagnostic imaging services for their residents! Long term care facilities can now benefit from the technological advancements pioneered by PPX and the responsive radiological services traditionally enjoyed by DMS Imaging customers. We now have unsurpassed service capabilities for all our customers.”

Our quality in leadership and experience is noted with a remarkable record and with it’s expertise, we continue with growth and geographical reach to multiple States and to communities that are in need of the services we provide.