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Overview of Services

The possibilities for using mobile imaging services are broad. They are an ideal application in situations where there is a time, cost, comfort, safety or assistance challenge in transporting a patient to a clinic or hospital setting. PPX provides on-site digital diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound, bone sonometry, EKG and echocardiography, which allows for continuous care of patients on-site and reduce avoidable hospital visits. We also provide a wide variety of other value-added services designed to enhance patient care and support our client's needs for clinical data reporting, staff education and quality outcome measurements.

Portable Digital X-Ray

PPX utilizes advanced digital portable x-ray systems. With digital receptor panels tailored for mobile imaging, we achieve high quality imaging only matched by larger medical facilities. Digital imaging also improves turnaround time for reports, assisting facilities in reducing the need to transport patients out of their facility and resulting in improved patient care. Images can be viewed online, provided on CD-ROM, or transmitted electronically to hospitals and other health care systems.

Portable Digital Ultrasound

We utilize the latest digital portable ultrasound equipment. This allows our Sonographers to perform all studies in the comfort of the patient’s room. Accompanied with a full array of transducers, all examinations are performed with a high degree of accuracy and patient comfort.

Digital EKG

Trained technicians perform all EKG’s. When the digital EKG is completed, the trace strip is left with the facility for the attending physicians review, or upon request, PPX will arrange for a Cardiologist to review and interpret the tracing. The trace strip can be uploaded into any EMR system.

Bone Density Testing

With our advanced Bone Density systems, we are able to perform non-invasive bone screenings within the comfort of the patient’s room. This examination verifies the “T” score on each patient allowing appropriate treatment for osteopenia or advanced osteoporosis.

Employee Health Screenings

PPX has developed a program for assisting occupational health nurses at any facility with fulfilling requirements for chest x-rays for employees with a positive Mantoux. There is no need to refer employees to outside clinics and carry the higher cost. And you will receive the final report much faster than you otherwise would by using other portable x-ray providers or outside clinics.

Education and Training

PPX believes that strong partnerships are fostered and maintained through a commitment to continuous learning and collaborative educational initiatives. We have developed relationships with experts in a variety of fields and are involving them in educational programs for our customers and staff for the purpose of enhancing the quality of care.

Research and Data Sharing

PPX is more than just another portable x-ray provider. With the development of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), there is an increased need for hospitals and health care systems to integrate more closely with health care providers who perform medical services outside the traditional hospital settings, such as in home health settings and nursing homes in order to avoid unnecessary re-hospitalizations. PPX not only performs quality diagnostic imaging services in non-hospital settings, but we also participate in clinical research programs, measure clinical outcomes, and share quality data with ACOs to support the following key initiatives:

• Patient/caregiver experience • Care coordination/transitions • Patient safety • Preventive health • At-risk population/frail elderly health

Contact us today! PPX will help you shape the future for all your on-site imaging needs.