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Mission, Vision, Values

A Message From Sue McNamee
PPX Founder, President and CEO

By listening closely to our customer’s needs and making continuous assessment of performance against goals as an ongoing process – not just once-a-year  – our performance management remains constant. We ensure that customers and service delivery meets high standards of satisfaction.

We keep a constant watch on quick change in market conditions at all times. We pride our company in the ability to react by adjusting its strategy and goals, and then quickly cascade changes throughout the organization.

“Developing a close relationship with all healthcare providers and customers has enabled me and my senior management team to make sound decisions about how we advance the delivery of our service efficiently, with greater transparency and accountability. I feel we have control over the destiny of our company.”

Our Vision

To be the trusted Portable Imaging partner in healthcare.

Our Mission

To lead in the delivery of portable diagnostic exams using current technology and best practices in healthcare and provide an excellent experience to all patients and customers we serve.

Our Core Values


We strive for excellence in all we do

Trust & Respect

We value everyone's talents, support and care for one another


We are honest and open with each other


We embrace change and innovation