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Care Continuum

PPX believes in the concept of Care Coordination. Large to small providers have been challenged with the operational hurdles of coordinating care. PPX has transformed it’s process in the way the exam is delivered, implemented IT solutions and placed an important focus on speed and accuracy of the care continuum process, all of which play an important role in the improvement of the quality of our portable imaging services.

We are excited to expand our service reach and add our support to promote coordination of care from home to hospital and anywhere in between.

We can perform all the intermediate diagnostic imaging in your facility in your home or wherever you currently reside.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging

We provide imaging medically necessary for comprehensive care diagnosis for any medical problem where contrast media is not required. We specialize in bringing the exam to the frail, senior population and complex patients. We serve the primary care physician making house calls, and assuming ongoing responsibility for the care of residents in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Senior Living communities. We help in coordinating whatever subspecialty input may be required.

Acute/Urgent Care

We offer same-day, as needed or STAT service, seven days a week. We come right to your door, at your facility, office or home, so you or your residents no longer have to experience the unpleasant long hours in an emergency room or urgent care clinic just to get prompt attention for an urgent problem.

We provide rapid response results for all exams, however, if you have a true medical emergency, you must go directly to the emergency room or call 911!

Preventative Medicine/Annual Physical Exam

We provide a limited range of preventive medical imaging services, including initial physical examinations supported and covered by the Medicare, as well as employment, school and sports screening and exams required for insurance physicals. We will schedule exams at your convenience, at home or in your office, as early as 8:00a.m. or as late as 8:00p.m., during lunchtime, or on Saturday and Sunday.

Preventative medical imaging include; Chest x-rays, EKGs, prostate screening, bone density, and vascular screening to include aortic ultrasound, venous and arterial sufficiency for limb and cerebral bloodflow.

Think about using PPX for your ancillary service partner for diagnostic imaging?

Some reasons why portable services are preferred….

  • Safety
  • Pain with movement
  • Difficult to transport
  • Dementia
  • Anxiety & emotional stability

Convenient –Efficient and Safe Patient Centered Care

Some reasons why the residents and their family appreciate the service

  • Don’t want to waste time in a waiting room.
  • Need acute care, but want to avoid the ER or urgent care “clinic”.
  • Can’t get a timely appointment with your doctor.
  • Family members are unavailable to accompany and transport
  • Reduce observation days and reduce higher healthcare cost
  • Reduce un-wanted and un-warranted test, your Primary Care Physician knows you best!
  • Want more privacy and personalized attention.
  • Want to avoid exposure to other sick people.