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Why PPX?

We share the advantage of a digital and electronic connection from our office to yours

Our service solutions pave the way from web-distribution of digital images to web access of your patient record. The help you need to make smart decisions for your patient’s treatment plan.

PPX has redefined how we deliver portable imaging. We provides image technology and support technology using innovative solutions to improve the service quality and delivery in the challenging environments like bed side exams. Quality imaging is the key to accurate diagnostic interpretation.

PPX is the first portable service to utilize a direct digital radiography system.

Our direct digital applications allows our professional imaging staff to preview the image immediately after exposure, allowing the operator to quickly confirm body position, exposure, and other factors. Once the image has been confirmed, it can be quickly sent to a network destination. PPX network is an information platform for the health care professionals and care givers to access and view exam images. A tool for clinical assessment and treatment. The images are also sent direct to the radiologists from the acquisition computer assembled on the portable unit. Images are transmitted in high resolution format for professional interpretation.