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PPX offers complete diagnostic x-ray services, utilizing state-of-the-art digital x-ray systems. All x-ray procedures are performed by qualified and experienced technologists. Images are read promptly, and fractures or positive findings are reported to the attending physician and/or nursing staff immediately.

All radiographic views are available:

  • Chest and Rib
  • Abdomen
  • Skull
  • Spine
  • Pelvis and Hip
  • Extremity Examinations
  • and more.......

Digital X-Ray Services

  • Non-invasive and efficient method used to quickly and correctly diagnose fractures or breaks in bones, decays or other periodontal diseases, infections in bones and joints, abscesses or cysts, chronic and acute abnormalities and other disease processes.
  • State-of-the-art direct digital technology for superior image quality and diagnosis.
  • Electronic image transmission, integration and data sharing with hospital systems.
  • Fast, reliable and comprehensive interpretations provided by credentialed and state-licensed radiologists with experience in portable imaging.

PPX’s world–class Digital Radiography system provides a quality portable image so precise that the radiologists confirm exams surpass even those captured in a traditional setting.

Digital technology (DR) and wireless networks allow for rapid transmission of image data between multiple sites and across health networks.

DR is considered a direct conversion process and offers the best image detail and image enhancement software. Unlike traditional film imaging methodologies or (CR) Computerized Radiology, DR does not require off site, time restraining film processing or a film reader.The DR process also eliminates the need to replace a clear plate between each image. Instead, DR captures the images on an imaging sensor panel then immediately transmits it to the control station.The image is ready for preview within 3 seconds after x-ray exposure is completed, eliminating post processing procedures and improving the exam efficiencies resulting in the certainty that a quality image has been captured.