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“…These days, it’s hard to find wonderful customer service, but PPX delivers it, all the way from the X-ray techs that come to the bedside, to their staff who answer the phones, their business office staff, to the owners of the company.  Every one of them is eager to help meet our needs with a cheerful disposition and a thorough knowledge of their jobs. We could not be more satisfied with PPX.  I feel we provide our residents with a higher quality of care because we partnered with this company.  They make us look good!”

Director of Nursing

“I wanted to share with you my x-ray experience from a couple nights ago. I called for x-ray of a resident at 3:00 am. The technician’s service was exceptional. He arrived within 25 minutes, did a digital x-ray, (how cool to immediately see the fracture on the screen.) He sent the x-ray while still in the resident’s room. He burned me a disc to send to the hospital. By the time he packed up his machine and came to the front desk, we had the results on his laptop. I believe the whole process took less than 45 minutes.”

Director of Nursing

“We have been extremely pleased with PPX’ services at our jail. The staff is friendly, professional and easily identifiable. They work well with our clients, many whom are non‐English speaking. We are able to order all of our x‐rays online, which is a huge time‐saver. We get our results by fax in under an hour and there is always a phone call from PPX to ensure we’ve received our results. Being able to have PPX come into our facility has reduced the safety and security issues that arise with transporting an inmate outside of the jail."

County Jail Nurse

“I am a nurse with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, and we have used PPX services for a number of years. Professionalism and good customer service should be recognized, and PPX has consistently provided both for our facility. The staff is pleasant, helpful and responsive. For example- this a.m. we requested an urgent study for one of our inmates and the test was arranged and completed within 2 hrs which is remarkable considering our relatively remote location. This is one of many examples of the excellent service PPX has provided our facility."

State Prison Nurse

“As a primary care clinician and geriatrician with over 25 years of practice in long term care settings, I have come to value access to PPX mobile diagnostics, and I have appreciated their excellent customer service, timeliness of diagnostic exams and rapid delivery of results. In addition, I routinely receive compliments from my patients and their families regarding the attentiveness and bedside manner of PPX technologists."

Geriatric Physician

“A recent case offers an example of how I have come to value PPX. A patient's daughter called at 8 pm on a Sunday evening to report a fall at home causing shoulder pain. I called PPX, a 1-2 minute phone call to provide demographics and the x-ray order. By 10 PM, I received a phone call to report a fracture. A fax report was received and then forwarded for the initial visit to an orthopedic surgeon the next day which confirmed the plan, already initiated, to immobilize the arm. This process avoided what could have been an ambulance ride and most of a night in an emergency room."

Geriatric Physician