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Client Services

Web-Based Ordering and Medical Records System

All of PPX exams are centralized into an electronic system, they can be viewed at your facilities, a physician’s office, a hospital or a home office. Through our Web-based practice management system, the past, present and future exams and reports are stored and archived for continuum of care as well as consolidating health records. The network is HIPPA-compliant and password protected. Critical information is being safely stored and is available to you at your convenience.

Through the PPX Health Network System you can:

  • Place orders online

         Place new exam orders electronically. All you need to do is to log in to our secure website with your assigned user name and password and enter a new order directly into our web-based scheduling or view orders in progress to schedule multiple exams for Medicare prorating purposes.

  • Access medical records

In addition to PPX verbally contacting you and faxing a hard copy of the exam results, you can view and print transcribed reports from our online resource. Images are available for viewing, magnification, manipulation, even for burning onto a CD. Physicians can log in from any location to view exams and don’t have to wait for films.

For your convenience if the internet is not available in your facility you may print our order form and fax the completed order to our office and we will take care of it.